Sunday, December 5, 2010

from the beginning continued (part 2)

In a previous post i talked abut how from the time i was very little i had this drive, this desire within me to submit and obey Women.  it wasn't until i hit puberty and on through high school did i realize that what it was i desired was D/s & BDSM with a Female Supremacist... a Mistress.  i want to make it clear that all of my exposure to such was purely coincidental.  i was never directly exposed to such content by a parent or relative.  Rather i would come across moments in mainstream media and film that i would connect with and find instant desire for.  One example of being inadvertently exposed to the "idea" of Female dominance was seeing the 1987 film "Real Men" with John Ritter and Jim Belushi.  It's a cookie cutter comedy from the 1980's.  You know the kind, about an hour and a half and for most people, instantly forgettable.  But for me, it was one of the first times i saw a "Dominatrix".  Of course this was a "comedy", but for a brief scene where Jim Belushi's character picks up a Woman in a bar and they go back to Her place.  Unbeknown to him however, She is a Dominatrix and She makes him Her slave for the evening.  She was smarter than him.  She restrained him, referred to him as slave, whipped him when he didn't submit and he liked it.  So did i.  Yes it was a comedy and the scene was supposed to be humorous, but i was not laughing.  i was watching something i desired.  Treatment from a Woman that i desired. 
Another instance that peaked my interest in male submission was my senior year in high school.  There was a girl i was fond of who sat across from me in one class.  She showed me attention regularly.  She sat one row up and one over from me and all during class She would be turned back to me.  Everyday in class She would borrow my best ink pen.  i had more than one, but She always wanted the best one.  Of course, i let Her have it.  But instead of writing, She would act like She was spanking it, dominating it, all while seductively looking back at me and saying She knew i liked it.  She knew it.  How, i don't know but there i am in class fully erect under my desk.  Anyway, She was way too fast for me (at that time in my life) so nothing came of it.  Even though She invited me to Her work (She was a waitress) and She said She'd get me anything i wanted on the menu free.  it was an open invitation, but i was so nervous, so i never showed up.  To this day i wish i would have, but oh well, i was just a nervous submissive boy.  There was also a time She hit me hard on the ass with a book in a school hallway, and when i turned around it was Her and two of Her girlfriends laughing at me.  i was humiliated but i had this incredible desire to kneel before them and serve them too.  There are many more instances through these particular years in my life that molded the way i knew i was deep inside.  Too many to list here.  i hope whoever reads this looks at this and sees someone who is genuinely in touch with his submissive desires.

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